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The Company

SYT Consultants Pte. Ltd. (hereafter also be known as “SYT”) is a regionally established Consultant firm.  We are listed on the PSPC disciplines for Architectural, Civil / Structural and Quantity Surveying.

With vast experiences ranging from deep excavation projects to high rise residential and commercial complexes, SYT is able to offer comprehensive consultancy solutions for all development needs.

Our utmost priority is to provide our clients the optimal solution to bring the projects to completion within the primary factors of Time, Cost and Quality.

Since 2010, we have secured numerous high importance projects. This is attributed to the market establishments of its partners whom had earned their reputation in aspects of professionalism, integrity, quality and knowledge prior to the forming of SYT.

Indeed, the strength of SYT is derived from the combinations of its partners’ different expertise in the Civil and Structural disciplines. Such a strong forte has ensured SYT’s projects undertaking completed without undue delay, within Client’s budget and with good quality.

To date, the firm has many notable consulting projects including several deep excavation projects for high rise condominium projects and structural designs for many residential, industrial and condominium projects. Fact is, SYT prevail such an enormous progress within a short span is no secret but its’ commitments to the projects, dealings in pure professional manners and invaluable advices to the clients.

While with current achievements, SYT Consultants Pte. Ltd. is still progressive and forward looking. To brace itself for more complex and complicated needs in the future, the firm is, and will continually upgrading its staff knowledge and skills, investing in equipment and software’s and constantly adapt to current new technologies.

With the commitments and professionalism, coupled with a personal level of service, SYT Consultants Pte. Ltd. will bring your projects to successful completion.

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